Attaway Recycling is a family owned business, having over 20 years experience in the waste collection and recycling business. In September 2009, we moved into a new recycling facility located at 150 Dundee Drive in Milledgeville, Ga.

We offer recycling services to small and large businesses, city and county governments, and schools. We offer cardboard, Plastic #1 and #2, glass, newspaper, aluminum cans, metal cans, and office paper. At Attaway Recycling, we strive to process all recyclable materials to help keep as much tonnage of recyclable material out of America's landfills. We process all these materials through our horizontal baler and then store them in our warehouse before shipping off.



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Taking Just A Moment

Taking just a moment to put your newspaper, soda can and glass spaghetti jar in the recycling bin will save everyone years in environmental harm from production of new materials, over crowded landfills and the depletion of our natural resources.

4000 Years

When we do not recycle at least our glass or aluminum we cost the earth in power usage, water and oil usage and landfill usage; glass takes up to 4000 years to decompose in a landfill yet can be recycled indefinitely.

Earn Money

Recycling can be done at home as well as in conjunction with city programs. Many scrap yards pay for scrap metal including the soda cans and soup cans we use every day.


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