Cardboard Recycling: Cardboard is loose or baled.

When evaluating a cardboard recycling program there are many considerations, but of course the primary consideration is to understand the advantages that apply to your business by not only removing the cardboard from your waste stream (and thus reducing hauler and landfill fees).  In addition, you should also consider how you are improving the environmental friendliness of your facility. Depending upon the amount of cardboard that ends up in the trash, your business may need to consider changing its waste processing routines to accommodate an effective recycling program.

As far as our services are concerned, we provide businesses with either an 8yd container or wire bin depending on the needs of the business for there cardboard storage. To pickup the cardboard, we have a grapple truck that grabs the cardboard out of the container we provide. By using our containers to recycle their cardboard, they would eliminate that cardboard from the normal waste collection by the waste hauling company. This reduction should result in cost savings as the business should be able to reduce the number of times per week there front load trash containers are being emptied.

School Recycling:

Attaway Recycling provides wasted solutions for schools in our community. We implemented a recycling program at 3 different schools in our area over the past year. They were John Milledge Academy, Wilkinson County Middle School, and Oak Hill Middle School. Attaway Recycling provides the recycling bins and collection for all the classrooms, administrative offices, and cafeterias at these schools. We provide these services for schools to both save money per month in waste removal costs and to keep these recyclables from ever seeing a landfill. Our school recycling program is easy for students, teachers, administrators and custodians because it brings single stream recycling to every classroom. Single stream recycling allows participants to throw all recyclable paper, plastic, aluminum cans, and cardboard in ONE recycling bin. There is no sorting required.

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Fast Facts

Two types of cardboard can be recycled: flat cardboard, which is typically used in cereal and shoe boxes, and corrugated cardboard, which has a ruffled layer between the two flat pieces of cardboard and is often used in packing boxes. Attaway Recycling encourages taking recyclables to the nearest drop-off center to recycle all materials.

Benefits of Cardboard Recycling:

  • Businesses can lower their garbage costs (sometimes income can be generated from cardboard sales) by teaming up with a qualified Recycling Company in their service area.
  • Businesses can reduce their overhead and labor costs due to the ease of preparing the card board for pickup.
  • Recycling can improve your facility storage problems and decrease the overall risk associated with maintaining these goods. Efficient workspace and storage space is a key ingredient for profitability.
  • Recycling is the best and most efficient way to deal with large amounts of cardboard.  The advantages will make a difference in your company's operations and bottom line.
  • Make a difference in your local environment.


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